Inktober 2020

This year, I participated in Inktober 2020. For those of you that don’t know, Inktober is a drawing ‘challenge’ that happens every October. There are themes for each day, and people are challenged to create one drawing around the theme each day. 

The themes for 2020 were: fish / wisp / bulky / radio / blade / rodent / fancy / teeth / throw / hope / disgusting / slippery / dune / armor / outpost / rocket / storm / trap / dizzy / coral / sleep / chef / rip / dig / buddy / hide / music / float / shoes / ominous / crawl. 

prompts per day, via inktober

I’ve been trying to prioritize my art lately, something which is incredibly difficult when you work at an educational institution during active teaching time. Over the last few weeks my days have been stretching into nine, ten, and sometimes eleven hour days (hooray for the quarter system!). Carving out the time to do even a small drawing a day was sometimes difficult–however, I’m pleased to say I made it the entire month (although some days I did three to catch up, haha).  

I think this was a really effective way of keeping myself accountable for making art without having the burden of coming up with my own ideas. Additionally, connecting my art with hashtags to the greater Inktober conversation is a good way to stay motivated (I mean, the handful of likes also helps…I’m only human, after all). 

If posting on social media, you can use hashtags (#Inktober, #inktober2020) to connect your drawings to the larger collection. It’s a great way to discover new artists on instagram (and it’s been nice to find some new people to follow). I posted all my drawings to my instagram at heart.chunks. Here’s a snapshot:

can you guess what prompts these were? 🙂

Did you do Inktober this year? How are you staying creative in these *coughcough* “trying times”? 

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